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Toy Dolls
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Toy Dolls - On Stage in Stuttgart

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Toy Dolls - On Stage in Stuttgart (1999)
1. Dig That Groove Theme Tune
2. The Lambrusco Kid
3. Idle Gossip
4. Back In 79'
5. She's a Leech
6. I've Got Asthma
7. Sabre Dance
8. She'll Be Back With Keith Some
9. Fisticuffs In Frederick St.
10. Bless You My Son
11. My Girlfriends Dads A Vicar
12. Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead
13. Wakey Wakey Theme Tune
14. Stay Mellow
15. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
16. Fiery Jack
17. Alec's Gone
18. 500 Miles
19. She Goes to Finos
20. Dig That Groove Baby
21. Raiders of the Lost Ark
22. Cloughy is a Boot Boy
23. Glenda & the Test Tube Baby
24. Dougy Giro
25. Nellie the Elephant
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