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Toy Dolls
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Toy Dolls - Fat Bob`s Feet

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Toy Dolls - Fat Bob's Feet (1991)
1. Gloomy Intro - Toy Dolls Tonic
2. Fat Bob's Feet
3. We Quit The Cavalry
4. The Sphinx Stinks
5. Rodney's Memory
6. Olga Crack Corn
7. Bitten By A Bed Bug
8. Kids in Tyne & Wear
9. Frankie's Got The Blues
10. A Bunch O' Faries
11. Yellow Burt
12. Back In '79
13. The Coppers Copt Ken's Cash
14. Toy Doll Tonic, Gloomy Outro
15. Turtle Crazy! [Extra Track]
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