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The Sweet - Singles

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The Sweet - Singles
1. Ballroom Blitz
2. Hell Raiser
3. Blockbuster!
4. New York Connection
5. Little Willy
6. Burning
7. Teenage Rampage
8. Man From Mecca
9. Need A Lot Of Lovin'
10. Own Up, Take A Look At Yourself
11. Wig Wam Bam
12. I Wanna Be Committed
13. Burn On The Flame
14. Rock'n'Roll Disgrace
15. Alexander Graham Bell
16. Someone Else Will
17. Cover Girl
18. Poppa Joe
19. Fox On The Run (Single version)
20. Show Me The Way
21. Lady Starlight (US 'Give Us A Wink' version)
22. Why Don't You Do It To Me
23. Sweet Fanny Adams
24. You Don't Care
25. Miss Demeanour
26. You're Not Wrong For Loving Me
27. Love Is Like Oxygen
28. Rebel Rouser
29. F.B.I.
30. Action
31. DYA
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