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The Zombies - Demos and Outtakes

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The Zombies - Demos and Outtakes (1960s)
1. Summertime (Demo)
2. Woman (Demo)
3. Kind Of Girl (Demo)
4. Leave Me Be (Demo)
5. I'm Going Home (Takes 1 & 2)
6. Sometimes (Intro) (Takes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6)
7. Walking In The Sun (Undubbed)
8. Studio Chat/The Way I Feel Inside (False Start)
9. The Way I Feel Inside (Rehearsal)
10. I Want You Back Again (Alternative Version)
11. Nothing's Changed (Backing Track)
12. Remember You (Soundtrack Version)
13. I'll Keep Trying (Undubbed)
14. Whenever You're Ready (Demo)
15. You'll Go From Me Aka Don't Go Away (Demo)
16. I Know She Will (Undubbed)
17. Don't Cry For Me (Undubbed)
18. If It Don't Work Out (Undubbed)
19. One Day I'll Say Goodbye (Home Demo)
20. I Don't Want To Worry (Home Demo)
21. A Love That Never Was (Demo)
22. Call Of The Night Aka Girl Help Me (Demo)
23. Out Of The Day (Demo)
24. This Will Be Our Year (Demo)
25. Bunny Lake Promo Spot - To Music Of Come On Time
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