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The Easybeats - Bonus Tracks

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The Easybeats - Bonus Tracks
1. Good Times (Alternate Mix, Alternate Version)
2. Lay Me Down And Die (Instrumental) - (Single A-Side)
3. Lay Me Down And Die (Vocal Version) - (from Australian release)
4. Bring A Little Lovin' (Demo Version - from Australian release)
5. The Music Goes Round My Head (Fast Version - from Italian release)
6. Hello, How Are You? (Original (Alternate) Version - from Australian release)
7. Come In You'll Get Pneumonia (First Version (Alternate Mix) from German release)
8. Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Second (Alternate) Version - from UK release)
9. Do You Have A Soul (3rd Version)
10. Check The Bassline
11. Watch Me Burn
12. Where Did You Go Last Night
13. Heaven & Hell
14. Happy Is The Man
15. Land Of Make Believe
16. Coke Jingle #1
17. Coke Ads #2 & 3
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