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Johnny Horton
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Johnny Horton - Early Years Vol 3

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Johnny Horton - Early Years Vol 3
1. Won't You Love Me Love Love Me
2. Why Did It Happen To Me
3. You You You (Caused This Heart
4. Broken Hearted Gypsy
5. All For The Love Of A Girl
6. My Heart Stopped Trembled And
7. I'm A Fishin' Man
8. Where Do You Think You Would S
9. The Devil Made A Masterpiece
10. Because I'm A Jealous Man
11. I'm The One That Breaks In Two
12. The Train With The Rhumba Beat
13. 'cause You're The One For Me
14. None Of You But All Of Me
15. Dark Haired Beauty From Cuba
16. Honky Tonk Jelly Roll Blues
17. Love And Tell
18. I Wish Heartaches Were Strange
19. Confusion (1)
20. Shadows On The Bayou
21. Somebody's Rockin' My Broken H
22. Talk Gobbler Talk
23. Two Eyed Sunday Pants
24. Down That River Road
25. Egg Money
26. Confusion (2)
27. First Train Headin' South
28. Somebody's Rockin' My Broken H
29. Smokey Joe's Barbecue
30. Betty Lorraine
31. Honky Tonk Jelly Roll Blues (1
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