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Johnny Horton
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Johnny Horton - Early Years Vol 2

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Johnny Horton - Early Years Vol 2
1. First Train Headin' South
2. The Rest Of Your Life
3. (I Wished For An Angel) The De
4. This Won't Be The First Time
5. Child's Side Of Life
6. I Won't Forget
7. S.S. Lureline
8. The Mansion You Stole
9. I Won't Get Dreamy Eyed
10. Tennessee Jive
11. Another Woman Wears My Wedding
12. You You You
13. All For The Love Of A Girl
14. Two Red Lips And Warm Red Wine
15. Back To My Back Street
16. Broken Hearted Gypsy
17. Move Down The Line
18. The Train With The Rhumba Beat
19. There'll Never Be Another Mary
20. No True Love
21. The Devil Made A Masterpiece
22. Ha Ha And Moonface
23. You Cry In The Door Of Your Ma
24. Where Are You
25. Meant So Little To You
26. Ridin' The Sunshine Special
27. Hey Sweet Thing
28. Journey With No End
29. Big Wheels Rollin'
30. You Don't Move Me Anymore
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