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Johnny Horton
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Johnny Horton - 1956-1960, Vol. 4

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Johnny Horton - 1956-1960, Vol. 4
1. The Vanishing Race
2. Broken Hearted Gypsy
3. That Boy Got the Habit
4. Hot in the Sugarcane Field
5. You Don't Move Me Baby Anymore
6. The Church by the Side of the Road
7. I Just Don't Like This Kind of Livin
8. Take it Like a Man
9. Hank And Joe And Me
10. The Golden Rocket
11. Old Blind Barnabas
12. Empty Bed Blues
13. Rock Island Line
14. Shake, Rattle and Roll
15. A-Sleeping At The Foot of the Bed
16. Old Dan Tucker
17. The Gosh Darn Wheel
18. From Memphis to Mobile
19. Back up Train
20. Schottische In Texas
21. Take it LIke a Man
22. That Boy Got the Habit
23. My Heart Stopped, Trembled and Died
24. Alley Girl Ways
25. How You Gonna Make It
26. Witch Walking Baby
27. Down That River Road
28. Big Wheels Rollin'
29. I Got a Slow Leak in my Heart
30. You Don't Move Me Baby Anymore
31. What will I Do Without You
32. Janey
33. Streets of Dodge
34. Give Me Back My Picture and You Can Keep the Frame If 1991
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