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Nat Mara and His Tahitians - Welcome to Tahiti

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Nat Mara and His Tahitians - Welcome to Tahiti
1. Marcelle Vahine (My Dearest)
2. Atira (Never Mind)
3. Hei Poro Iti (The Lei)
4. Te Puta Raro (Love Song)
5. Vahine Taega (My Girl)
6. Tipi Tipi (Tubuai - Beloved Isle)
7. Tapiri Mai (Come Close To Me)
8. Torea (Bird Song)
9. Pehe Pehe Maira (Maybe)
10. Ia Tomo Tau Vau (When I Come To You)
11. Tiare Tahiti (Tahitian Flower)
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