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George de Fretes - The Home Recordings Vol. 2

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George de Fretes - The Home Recordings Vol. 2
1. Alika
2. Beautiful Kahana
3. Kaimana Hila
4. My Sweet Sweet
5. Analani E
6. Little Lani Jo
7. Maui Moon
8. I'll See You In Hawaii
9. Nani
10. Moana
11. When My Dreamboat Sails Tonight For Honolulu
12. Little Brown Gall
13. On The Shores Of Honolulu
14. Beyond The Reef
15. Mapuana
16. Love Song Of Tahiti
17. Rhythm Of The Waves
18. Be Mine Sweetheart Be Mine
19. Mana Loa
20. Nawiliwili
21. Blue Muumuu
22. I Like You
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