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Phantom Surfers
What happened to audio samples?
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Phantom Surfers - The Great Surf Crash Of 97

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Phantom Surfers - The Great Surf Crash Of 97 (1997)
1. The Great Surf Crash
2. Rootin' Around For Ramona
3. Pygmy Dance
4. Basset Ballet
5. Single Whammy
6. The Cat Came Back
7. Ticker Tape Jungle
8. Medley - Theme From The X-File
9. Ants In My Pants
10. (i Call My Baby) D.D.T.
11. Holiday Harbor
12. Babalou
13. Buy High, Sell Low
14. Yozora No Hoshi
15. Out The Window
16. No Go Diggy-Di
17. Lancelot Link Wray
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