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After peak of instrumental and surf music in 1962 and '63 when the Ventures, the Shadows, Dick Dale, Duane Eddy, Beach Boys and others were sitting comfortably on the top of charts and had a lot of teenage followers all around the world the endless summer ended with the British Invasion - lads like Stones and the Who didn't surf.

Long era of obscurity followed until new explosion in early 90s when Dick Dale's 1962 cover of "Misirlou" got big play in Pulp Fiction and surf music revived with old dinosaurs like Dick Dale, the Ventures recording new material and musicians of next generations evolving old tradition with punk/ska/hard rock touch. Now there are surf muzos everywhere, good and bad, and there is a number of names to mention, like Los Straitjackets, Man Or Astro-men?, Laika and the Cosmonauts, but there are zillions of new records appearing every day, so here goes my personal selection, I hope you'll like it.

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Los Straitjackets
    'tis The Season for... , Sing Along With Los Straitjacets , Damas y Caballeros! ...
Man Or Astro-men
    Intravenous Television Continuum , Destroy All Astromen , Live Transmissions from Uranus ...
Surf Coasters
    L'esprit , Waitin' For The Surf , Surf Side Village ...
    Spaguetti & Chili Western , Shots in the Dark - A Tribute To Henry Mancini , Zorba's Ride ...
Laika & The Cosmonauts
    Absurdistan , C'mon Do The Laika! , Zero Gravity ...
Los Coronas
    The Vivid Sounds Of ... , Dos Bandas Y Un Destino , Gen-U-Ine Sounds ...
Los Banditos
    Modul 47 , Beatclub , Ekstase ...
Satan's Pilgrims
    Creature Feature , At Home With , Satan's Pilgrims ...
Phantom Surfers
    The Exciting Sounds Of Model Road Racing , Skaterhater , Ten Years Of Quality Control 1988-1999 ...
Huevos Rancheros
    Endsville , Get Outta Dodge , Dig In ...
    Play R'n'B Favourites , Square Jungle , El Rancho Reverbo ...
Aqua Velvets
    Guitar Noir , Radio Waves , Surfmania ...
    Revenge , Surf! Surf! Surf! , Hotbox ...
    Life On The Bottom , Halibut Beach , Gnarly! ...
    Point Zero , Flight of the Surf Guitar ...
Space Cossacks
    Interstellar Stomp , Tsar Wars ...
Galaxy Trio
    In The Harem! , Saucers Over Vegas ...
    Safari In A Living Graveyard , Roping Wild Bears , The Surfacers ...

Random selection of albums
Los Straitjackets Los Straitjackets - Sing Along With Los Straitjacets
Sing Along With Los ...
Monaci Del Surf Monaci Del Surf - Monaci Del Surf
Monaci Del Surf
The Charades The Charades - Supersonic Action
Supersonic Action
The Ramonetures The Ramonetures - The Ramonetures
The Ramonetures
Man Or Astro-Man? Man Or Astro-Man? - Project Infinity
Project Infinity
The Moon-Rays The Moon-Rays - Sinister Surf
Sinister Surf

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