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Merle Travis & Joe Maphis - Country Music`s Two Guitar Greats

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Merle Travis & Joe Maphis - Country Music's Two Guitar Greats (1964)
1. Corrine Corrina
2. Big Midnight Special
3. Bayou Baby
4. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
5. Guitar Rag
6. Blast Off
7. When It's Time for the Whippoorwill to Sing
8. West Coast Blues
9. Mainstreet Breakdown
10. Picture on the Wall
11. Kentucky Waltz
12. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
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"Merle Travis and Joe Maphis deserve a far finer tribute than I have the ability to write. I would ordinarily shy away from anything that involves writing. But a job like this can be a labor of love if the subjects are two of the mightiest men who ever rested guitars in their laps, and, of course, they've been two close friends of mine for a good many years now. Now that Capital Records has teamed these two thoroughbreds, this album will be a must for all of us guitar pickers."
-- Chet Atkins, 1964

It was as natural as apple pie and ice cream to put two country-picking guitar legends like Merle Travis and Joe Maphis, buddies since they'd first met in 1942, in the recording studio at the same time. The results find these fretboard wizards blazing their way through a highprofile 1963 set of backwoods chestnuts, including dazzling material from the Carter Family, Bill Monroe, the Delmore Brothers and Chet Atkins, not to mention a handful of traditional faves like "Big Midnight Special" and "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down." The exhilarating pairing of Travis and Maphis never sounded better - absolute fingers on fire!
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