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UB Hank - Shadows Backing Tracks, Vol. 4

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UB Hank - Shadows Backing Tracks, Vol. 4
1. That'll Be The Day (E)
2. It Doesn't Matter Anymore (A)
3. Heartbeat (A)
4. 36-24-36 (C)
5. Big Boy (A)
6. Parisiennne Walkways (Am)
7. This Ol' House (A)
8. Little Princess (C)
9. Albatross (E)
10. My Resistance Is Low (A)
11. Tonight (G)
12. Because They're Young (E)
13. Miles Of Bad Road (A)
14. Rebel Rouser (E)
15. Dance To The Guitar Man (A)
16. The Cruel Sea (Am)
17. Diamonds (Em)
18. Wipe Out (C)
19. Wheels (F)
20. Pipeline (Em)
21. Walk Don't Run (A)
22. Hawaii Five-O (C)
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