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Davie Allan & The Arrows - From Paradise To Hell

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Davie Allan & The Arrows - From Paradise To Hell (1987)
1. Stoked On Surf (Medley)
2. Outer Surf
3. Polyurethane
4. James Bond Theme/ Goldfinger
5. Brew's Theme
6. Stoked On Christmas (Medley)
7. Invasion Of The Body Surfers
8. Deep Six
9. Apache III
10. Supercycle
11. Little Big Horn
12. Surf Trek w/ Dick Dale
13. Angel With A Devil's Heart
14. Blue's Theme (from 'The Wild Angels')
15. Run Of The Arrow
16. Flashback
17. Peter Gunn/ Baby Elephant Walk
18. Dawn Of The 7th Cavalry
19. Cruel World
20. Left Turn On Arrow Only
21. Grungy
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