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Davie Allan & the Arrows - Blues Theme

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Davie Allan & the Arrows - Blues Theme (1967)
1. Blues Theme
2. King Fuzz
3. Theme From Thunderball
4. William Tell 1967
5. Action On The Street
6. Theme From The Wild Angels
7. Theme From The Unknown
8. Fuzz Theme
9. Sorry 'Bout That
10. Ghost Riders In The Sky
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Hooking up with notorious exploitation movie producer Mike Curb, the Arrows provided the soundtracks to numerous B-movies on the Tower and Sidewalk labels; their greatest success, "Blues Theme" (from The Wild Angels starring Peter Fonda), made the Top 40 in 1967. Curb abandoned racy movies for the Osmonds and purged MGM Records of their psychedelic acts, but the Arrows continued to play and record for various labels during the '80s and '90s.
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