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Definitely the most popular rock instrumental combo, the Ventures scored several hit singles during the 1960s (most notably Walk Don't Run and Hawaii Five-O) but made their name covering hits of the day and organizing thematically linked LPs. Almost 40 Ventures' albums charted, and 17 hit the Top 40. Among their chart albums was 1965's Play Guitar with The Ventures, the first musical instrument instruction album ever to hit the Billboard chart.

Though the group's popularity in America virtually disappeared by the 1970s, their enormous contribution to pop culture was far from over; the Ventures soon became one of the most popular world-wide groups, with dozens of albums recorded especially for the Japanese and European markets. They toured continually throughout the 1970s and '80s -- influencing Japanese pop music of the time more than they had American music during the '60s.

The Ventures are the biggest selling instrumental guitar band in music history, approaching one hundred million in sales and recording over 240 albums worldwide. They are without a doubt one of the most influential guitar bands of all time. Among artists listing The Ventures as a favorite or an influence are George Harrison, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Fogerty, Mark Knopfler and many others.

The Ventures lineup underwent some key changes, which caused them to become a stronger performing unit, which undoubtedly enhanced their "staying power" from one year or less, (which was average for a charting rock band of the 1960's) to a career that has spanned 45 years and is still going strong in Japan.

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