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Steve Howe
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Steve Howe`s Remedy - Live In Glasgow, March 29th 2004 (Bootleg)

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Steve Howe's Remedy - Live In Glasgow, March 29th 2004 (Bootleg) (2004)
1. Small Acts Of Human Kindness
2. Sensitive Chaos
3. Diary Of A Man Who Vanished
4. Across The Cobblestone
5. America (Paul Simon)
6. The Nature Of The Sea
7. Where I Belong
8. Pennants
9. Leaves Of Green
10. Georgia's Theme
11. Mood For A Day
12. Second Initial
13. To Be Over
14. Clap
15. Close To The Edge (I Get Up, I Get Down)
16. Momenta
17. Lost Symphony
18. While Rome's Burning
19. So Bad_Drum Solo
20. My White Bicycle
21. Wuerm
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