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What happened to audio samples?
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Long before Abba was said to be the first Swedish band to chart in the UK these guys made it. They were a sort of 'Swedish Shadows'.

In 1961, the group changed its name from The Frazers to The Spotnicks and they signed a contract with Karusell Records. The Spotnicks spent a lot of time at Casa Leon in Berlin and they also performed in France and Spain.

In 1962, The Spotnicks began to get airplay on the influential Radio Luxembourg. The Spotnicks toured England. As a gimmick they wore space-suits while on stage. In the Autumn The Spotnicks recorded their first LP in London, The Spotnicks in London Out-a-space. The whole album was recorded in 17 hours! Single releases from this LP reached quite high spots in the English charts.

In 1963 The Spotnicks reached high positions in the charts in France, England and the USA. Amapola stayed in the Swedish chart 'Tio i topp' for eight weeks and was later followed by Just listen to my heart and Spanish Gypsy Dance. The single Hava Nagila reached a creditably high spot in the English charts and the LP got into the upper echelons of the LP chart in The New Musical Express. The Spotnicks appeared in the music movie 'Just for fun' and they also performed on several TV and radio shows. The Spotnicks also performed in the show 'Musicorama' on the famous stage of The Olympia in Paris. During the rehearsals the transmitter on Bo Winbergs guitar came through on the Paris police radio, which caused great confusion!

While in France, they recorded the rest of the songs for their second LP The Spotnicks in Paris. Orange blossom special reached number one in the Australian chart! The Spotnicks recorded their third LP The Spotnicks in Spain, which was released in many countries.

Over the next few years, The Spotnicks recorded several more LPs, charted in Japan, jammed with The Shadows, and even made it to Mexico! Although largely forgotten by the general public now, The Spotnicks were Sweden's first musical export, and in their day they were a major international act.
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