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Los Belking's
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The Belking's are one of the most important instrumental groups from Peru, which were considered in the Latin American as the best instrumental group in South America and second worldwide, after The Ventures.

They were inspired by a foreign liquor, "Belkin" and decided to rock. So the story of the legendary Belkings begins.

Wilfredo Sandoval and Ra.l Herrera, college students Meliton Carvajal, were the backbone of the band from the first tests in 1963. Shortly after they joined with other boys, also the school and devoted themselves to the music of the era, influenced mainly by The Ventures.

They made their debut in the morning Riva Ag.ero del Agustino, and then a nightclub called Tabar.s, but the bohemian alienate Raul and Wilfredo rhythmic base. After a while, new boys to the band that made their first tour in the provinces would be integrated. Then they appeared on radio and TV in the company of other groups.

In 1966 he became purely an instrumental group. They won a competition organized by 'The Viceroy' with which they recorded their first versions. Shortly after completion of their school years, put on sale its first 45 rpm with some success. His second 45 rpm arrive soon with "Black is black" and "Theme for young lovers," the latter subject was an original composition by Bruce Welch of The Shadows. His version, with creative arrangements of their own, became a local event.

After recording these temones, The Viceroy took care of the first LP record them, then another and then another, to carry Belkings the pedestal The kings of instrumental rock. And of course, as are Peruvians, are not yet in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; but at some point will be, along with The Saicos, it's only a matter of time.
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