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Duane Eddy
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Duane Eddy - Twangin` From Phoenix To L.A., CD2

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Duane Eddy - Twangin' From Phoenix To L.A., CD2
1. Yep! (Master)
2. The Raid
3. The Quiet Three (Basic)
4. Peter Gunn
5. Lover
6. Forty Miles Of Bad Road (Hip-Hop Ver 1)
7. Along The Navajo Trail (Basic)
8. Tuxedo Junction
9. Hard Times
10. First Love, First Tears
11. The Quiet Three (Master)
12. Forty Miles Of Bad Road (Without Overdub)
13. Forty Miles Of Bad Road (Released Master)
14. Some Kinda Earthquake (Master)
15. Some Kinda Earthquake (UK Ver)
16. Route Number 1
17. Tiger Love And Turnip Greens
18. Trambone
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