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Duane Eddy
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Duane Eddy - Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville, CD6

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Duane Eddy - Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville, CD6
1. Moon Shot
2. Roughneck
3. Guitar Star
4. Shindig
5. Laughing Guitar
6. The Marauder
7. The High Lonesome
8. Gumshoe Blues
9. The Restless Pack
10. Wish I Were With You
11. Do It
12. Rebel Soul
13. A Fast Friendly Frolic On The Farm
14. Wild Watusi (Take 4)
15. Last Date (Without Overdubs)
16. More (Without Overdubs)
17. Jitterboard (Take 19)
18. Water Skiing (Without Sound Effects)
19. Slalom (Without Sound Effects)
20. Deep Water Start (Without Sound Effects)
21. Ma Dove Andranno (Mr. Guitar Man)
22. Tutta La Notte (My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His Guitar All Night Long)
23. Guitar Child
24. Duane - Jo Ann Campbell
25. Duane's Stroll - The Keymen
26. The Great Duane - Ritchie Hart
27. A Children's Song (Previously Unreleased)
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