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Duane Eddy
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Duane Eddy - Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville, CD4

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Duane Eddy - Deep In The Heart Of Twangsville, CD4
1. The Son Of Rebel Rouser
2. Ballad In 'A'
3. Dancin' In the Subway
4. Spiritual
5. Shuckin' (Long Version)
6. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
7. My Destiny
8. A Home In the Meadow
9. Along Came Linda
10. Summer Kiss
11. Danny Boy
12. Annie Laurie
13. The Story Of Three Loves
14. Gunsmoke
15. Long Lonely Days Of Winter
16. Cryin' Happy Tears
17. Sunday Morning Rain
18. Theme From 'A Summer Place'
19. Our Day Will Come
20. Someday the Rainbow
21. Shenandoah
22. The Feud
23. Jerky Jalopy
24. Shuckin' (Mono Edit)
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