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Bob Brozman
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Bob Brozman - Bob Brozman`s Bottleneck Blues Guitar

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Bob Brozman - Bob Brozman's Bottleneck Blues Guitar (1996)
1. Introduction
2. Getting Started: Tuning
3. Turnarounds (Exc. 2a-2f)
4. Turnarounds (Exc. 2g-2j)
5. Bottleneck Techniques (Exc. 3a-3b)
6. Bottleneck Techniques (Exc. 3c-3e)
7. Bottleneck Techniques (Exc. 3f-3g)
8. Bottleneck Techniques (Exc. 3h)
9. Bottleneck Techniques (Exc. 3i-3k)
10. The "Buddy" (Blues) Note (Exc. 4a-4g)
11. Right Hand Techniques (Exc. 5a-5e)
12. Right Hand Techniques (Exc. 5f-5h)
13. Review Of Picking Techniques (Exc. 5i-5j)
14. Specialty Strokes (Exc. 6a-6e)
15. Specialty Strokes (Exc. 6f)
16. Creating Blues Verses (Exc. 7a)
17. Analytical Breakdown (Exc. 7b)
18. Analytical Breakdown (Exc. 7c)
19. Analytical Breakdown (Exc. 7d-7i)
20. Analytical Breakdown (Exc. 7j-7k)
21. Analytical Breakdown (Exc. 7l-7m)
22. Analytical Breakdown (Exc. 7n)
23. Analytical Breakdown (Exc. 7o-7q)
24. Intro To Terraplane Blues
25. Terraplane Blues
26. Terraplane Blues (Exc. 10j)
27. G Down the Staff (Exc. 11a-11d)
28. G Down the Staff (Exc. 11e: Moon Goin' Down)
29. G Down the Staff (Exc. 11f-11j: Analysis)
30. G Down the Staff (Exc. 11k)
31. G Down the Staff (Exc. 11l-11o)
32. Harmonics (Exc. 12a-12c)
33. Palm Harmonics (Exc. 12d-12g)
34. Rhythmn In The Blues
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