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The Atlantics - Vocals

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The Atlantics - Vocals
1. The Girl Can't Help It
2. Pretty Thing
3. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
4. Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do
5. It's A Hard Life
6. I Put A Spell On You
7. By The Glow Of A Candle
8. You Tell Me Why
9. Come On
10. Waiting Here For Someone
11. That Loving Feeling
12. When I Look Into My Life
13. A Girl Like You
14. Baby Blue
15. I'll Never Let You Go
16. I Just Can't Help Believing
17. Light Shades Of Dark - Part One
18. Tallahassee Lassie
19. Well, Ain't That Nice
20. Baby Baby Don't Go
21. Little Bit Of Soul
22. Splish Splash
23. Separate The Men From The Boys
24. Keep Me Satisfied
25. Tell The Truth
26. Look At The Baby
27. My Little Girl
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In 1964 year The Beatles came on the scene and surf music was dead. The Atlantics, like many of their contemporaries, were thrown on the scrapheap by a ruthless music industry. However, the group didn't stay buried - they changed their style and became a vocal rhythm & blues band.

Terminating his CBS recording contract Johnny Rebb joined the group as vocalist under the guidance of Syd McDonald in 1965 and same year they released three singles on HMV records. Unfortunately these records didn't stand a chence with no promotion - The Atlantics and Johnny Rebb were no longer the flavour of the month in the pop world, they were yesterdays heroes, so inspite of power of recordings they received little airplay on local radiostations.

More singles with Rebb were released on Sunshine records through 1966. Heavily influenced by The Animals and The Beau Brummels, these records make a strong statement of where the band stood at that period - Come On is regarded today as punk classic. Again, poorly distributed they didn't sell.

At the same time Atlantics released three singles for Leedon records and two for Sunshine with Russ Kruger (born Russell Dellbridge, he was the younger brother of Johnny Rebb). Among others there were few rippers with heavy bass backed with Theo Penglis and Keep Me Satisfied - "once again a terrific raucous punker" - Livin' End.

Over the next two years 17 more singles were released. The group came close to the elusive hit in two occasions - Rebb's "I Just Can't Help Breathing" and Kruger's "A Little Bit Of Soul", but radio programmers refused airplay. B.J. Thomas covered the first months later and it became a world wide hit, the same happened when the second was covered be The Music Explosion - they reached No. 2 and only kept from the top spot by "Hey Jude".
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