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Merle Travis
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Merle Travis - Guitar Rags and A Too Fast Past, Vol. 4

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Merle Travis - Guitar Rags and A Too Fast Past, Vol. 4
1. I'm Picking up the Pieces to My Heart
2. Petticoat Fever
3. Start Even
4. Guitar Rag
5. Cane Bottom Chair
6. I'm Knee Deep in Trouble
7. Little Miss Sherlock Holmes
8. Too Much Sugar for a Dime
9. Spoonin' Moon
10. Trouble, Trouble
11. El Ren
12. Won'tcha Be My Baby
13. Dry Bread
14. Lost John Boogie
15. Deep South
16. Boogie in Minor
17. Let's Settle Down (To Runnin' Around Together)
18. Done Rovin'
19. Faithful Fool
20. Love Must Be Ketchin'
21. Kinfolks in Carolina
22. Kinfolks in Carolina
23. Rainy Day Feelin'
24. A Too Fast Past
25. Knee Deep in Trouble
26. Ain't That a Cryin' Shame
27. I'll See You in My Dreams
28. Cannonball Rag
29. I'll Have Myself a Ball
30. Bayou Baby
31. Green Cheese
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