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Chet Atkins
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Chet Atkins - Vocals, Vol. 2

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Chet Atkins - Vocals, Vol. 2
1. Big Daddy (Boots Randolph)
2. Asleep in the Deep (voc. Jim Atkins)
3. Swannee River (voc. Jim Atkins)
4. I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time (voc. Jim Atkins)
5. Out Of Nowhere (voc. Jim Atkins)
6. Even Tho' (voc. Jim Atkins)
7. Poison Love (voc. Hank Snow)
8. Warm All Over (voc. Eddie Arnold)
9. Big D (from 'The Most Happy Fella') (voc. Eddie Arnold)
10. Don't Cry (from 'The Most Happy Fella') (voc. Eddie Arnold)
11. Standing on the Corner (from 'The Most Happy Fella') (voc. Eddie Arnold)
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Reviewed 26/12/2008 by benniebobslee
dear freddy this is a very nice site i am also a great fan of chet i have also a graet cllection of chet but not so great as your collection i like your site very much succes to you greatings from me to you \\ bennie de gruyter from holland.

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