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Chet Atkins
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Chet Atkins - Sessions 1954

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Chet Atkins - Sessions 1954 (1954)
1. Get Up And Go (Mac McCarthy)
2. Pagan Love Song (Freed/Brown)
3. Beautiful Ohio (version 2) (MacDonald/Earl)
4. Down Hill Drag (Chet Atkins/Boudleaux Bryant)
5. Avalon (Jolson/De Sylva/Rose)
6. Sunrise Serenade (Carle)
7. San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills)
8. Set A Spell (Chet Atkins/Louis Inns)
9. Mister Misery (duet vocal) (Chet Atkins/Louis Inns)
10. Get Up And Go (Mac McCarthy)
11. Ballin The Jack (Smith/Burris)
12. Darktown Strutters Ball (Shelton Brooks)
13. The Old Spinning Wheel (Billy Hill)
14. Silver Bell (Percy Wenrich/Edward Madden)
15. Under The Double Eagle (J.F. Wagner)
16. Mister Sandman (Pat Ballard)
17. New Spanish Two Step (Tommy Duncan/Bob Wills)
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