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Chet Atkins
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Chet Atkins - Sessions 1949

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Chet Atkins - Sessions 1949 (1949)
1. Money, Marbles And Chalk (Pop Eckler)
2. Wednesday Night Waltz (Spencer Williams)
3. Guitar Waltz (Zeke Clemens)
4. Telling My Troubles To My Old Guitar (Don Weston)
5. Dance Of The Goldenrod (John H. Tower)
6. Galloping Guitar (Chet Atkins)
7. Barber Shop Rag (Chet Atkins)
8. Centipede Boogie (Chet Atkins)
9. Under The Hickory Nut Tree (Anita, Helen, June Carter)
10. I Was Bitten By The Same Bug Twice (Helen Carter)
11. One More Chance (Margaret Taylor/Smokey Rogers)
12. The Old Buck Dance (Chet Atkins)
13. Boogie Man Boogie (Chet Atkins)
14. Main Street Breakdown (Chet Atkins)
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