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The Surfaris - Wipe Out

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The Surfaris - Wipe Out (1963)
1. Walkin' On Water
2. Avalanche
3. Wipe Out
4. Powow At Secret Cove
5. Dream At Dusk
6. Hot Surf Sunday
7. Surfer Joe
8. Magic Sands
9. Thrasher
10. Night Drive
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The original band members were Ron Wilson (drums), Jim Fuller (Lead guitar), Bob Berryhill (rhythm guitar) and Pat Connolly (bass). Saxophone player Jim Pash joined after their "Wipe Out" / "Surfer Joe" recording sessions at Pal Studios. Ken Forssi, later of Love, played bass with The Surfaris, as well as Jack Oldham, who performed with the group from 1966-1967, including a performance at the 1967 Grammy Awards.
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