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The Marketts - The Marketts Take To Wheels

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The Marketts - The Marketts Take To Wheels (1963)
1. Woody Wagon
2. Limbo Buggy
3. Cobra
4. Night Capades
5. No Wheels
6. Sting Ray
7. Cha-Cha Buggy
8. Twice Pipes
9. (Parked) Under The Stars
10. Bucket Seats
11. Night Cruisin'
12. Makin' Rubber
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The Marketts' line-up constantly changed, being made up of various session musicians from the Los Angeles area. The group's direction was spearheaded by producer Joe Saraceno, although Saraceno did not arrange or play on any of the group's material. They are best remembered for their surf rock hits, though not all of their material has this sound; Saraceno took the group's style in whatever direction he thought would catch the record-buying public's ear.
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