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Lively Ones
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The Lively Ones - Surf Drums

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The Lively Ones - Surf Drums (1963)
1. Miles Bad Road
2. Surfer Boogie (aka Guitar Boogie)
3. Wild Weekend
4. Stoked (aka Yep)
5. Rawhide (aka Surf Drums)
6. Shootin' The Pier
7. Rumble
8. Hillbillie Surf (aka Old Smokie)
9. Mr. Moto
10. Rik-A-Tik
11. Bustin' Surfboards
12. Tuff Surf (aka Hard Times)
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The second Lively Ones long-player, Surf Drums (1963), was compiled in much the same way their debut had been created, comparable to the vast majority of rush-released platters of the era. Del-Fi Records owner Bob Keane collected a few of the band's previous singles alongside a variety of already established covers, many of which were concurrent hits for other artists.
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