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Lively Ones
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The Lively Ones - Surf City

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The Lively Ones - Surf City (1963)
1. Surf City (LP Version)
2. Telstar Surf (LP Version)
3. Heads Up (LP Version)
4. Malibu Run (LP Version)
5. Miserlou (LP Version)
6. Surf Rider (LP Version)
7. Soul Surfer (LP Version)
8. Sleep Walk (LP Version)
9. Crazy Surf (LP Version)
10. Livin' (LP Version)
11. Tranquilizer (LP Version)
12. Forty Miles Of Bad Surf (LP Ve
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The Lively Ones were one of the better surf bands to have emerged from Del-Fi Records in the early to mid-'60s. In fact, it was 1963, to be exact, that found the release of no less than four long-players from the quintet, including Surf City, the combo's third full-length offering. Following in much the same format as preceding releases, the platter consisted primarily of cuts that had been previously issued as singles or were initially left off previous LPs
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