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The Javalins - Javalins` Beat

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The Javalins - Javalins' Beat
1. Caroline (You're So Fine)
2. Mr Tschang Aus Chinatown
3. Al Capone
4. Javalins' Beat
5. Sherry
6. Twisting Away
7. Hey, Hey, Ha Ha (with The Crazy Girls)
8. Joe, Der Gitarrenmann (with The Crazy Girls)
9. Hully-Gully-Hop (with The Crazy Girls)
10. Lass Sie Reden (with The Crazy Girls)
11. Scherben
12. Tanz Doch Mit Mir Swim
13. Jenny, Jenny
14. Monkey Walk
15. Be My Baby
16. The Loveliest Night Of The Year
17. Es Gibt Kein Bier Auf Hawaii (with Paul Kuhn)
18. Ya Ya Twist
19. Foot Patter
20. Git It!
21. Sweet Georgia Brown
22. Twist And Shout
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