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Indo Rock
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The Netherlands had a fascinating subculture of emigre Dutch-Indonesians (Indo's, Indonesian Eurasians and Polynesian Moluccans) who hit the instrumental rock scene in the years 1958 - 1965 and constituted the Indo-Rock - an instrumental music genre with groups like The Tielman Brothers, Electric Johnny And His Skyrockets, The Black Dynamites, The Crazy Rockers, Oety & his Real Rockers, The Javalins, The Hap-Cats and many more.

The guitar was imported to the Indian archipelago by Portuguese explorers in the 14th century. The traditional Portuguese song styles, saudade and fado, played with guitar accompaniment, later became krontjong music. Krontjong is characterized by guitars which seem to be "talking" to each other. The guitarists play rhythmic and melodic parts instinctively.

Many Indorock musicians had a predilection for Hawaiian music, which was popular in the Netherlands at the time. Other significant influences included American country & western, and the rock & roll repertoire played on radio stations in Indonesia via American stations from the Philippines and Australia.
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