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Les Players - L`integrale, CD 1

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Les Players - L'integrale, CD 1
1. Manhunt
2. La Tour De Mare
3. Out Of This World
4. Walking Alone: Tant Pis Pour Moi
5. Sheba
6. Pony Express
7. Le Ciel Est Si Beau Ce Soir: A Song For Young Love
8. Oh Oui J'en Ai Reve: If My Pillow Could Talk
9. Watusi Stomp
10. Nashville
11. Your Other Love
12. Cripple Creek
13. Players Theme
14. Delicado
15. Si C'etait Elle: Louie Louie
16. Out Of Limits
17. Aie L'amour Et Les Voyages: Have Love Will Travel
18. Sassy Sou
19. Le Kilometre A Pied Yeye
20. Rata Twist
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