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The Waikikis - Hawaii Tattoo

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The Waikikis - Hawaii Tattoo (2000)
1. Hawaii Tattoo
2. Waikiki Welcome
3. Aloha Parade
4. Honolulu Rose
5. Sugar Moon (Calypso Moon)
6. Pacific Punch
7. I'll Remember Sweet Hawaii (Sailor's Love)
8. Honolulu Rag
9. Hilo Kiss
10. Mauna Loa
11. Song Of The Islands
12. March Of The Beachcombers
13. Hula-Hochzeit
14. Der Dritte Mann auf Hawaii
15. Tahiti Tamouré
16. Palisa
17. Tiki Tiki Puka Tamouré
18. Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken
19. Schatten (Shadows)
20. In einer Hula Bar
21. When The Saints Go To Hawaii
22. Happy Birthday-Hula
23. Road To Waikiki
24. Le Cinéma
25. One Little Rose
26. Hawaiian Lollipops
27. Hawaiian Beach Party
28. A Little Bit Of Heaven
29. Hawaiian Fair
30. Waikiki Ki Hu La Hu
31. Waikiki Parade
32. Home In Hawai
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