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What happened to audio samples?
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The first rock'and'roll song recorded in Brazil, was a Portuguese version of Bill Haley's hit Rock Around The Clock. Issued in 1956, when Elvis Presley and Little Richard were kings of the local radio, this song motivated many teen-agers to play a musical instrument and create a rock band to emulate the sounds that came from America.

Initially, many vocal rock groups were created in Rio and So Paulo. However, very soon, they realised the difficulty in singing in English, a language very different from the local Portuguese. Then, the most successful bands created local translations (in Portuguese) which, most of the times, didn't express the real meaning of the original song's lyrics. It was a disaster. The next step: due to the difficulty of singing in English and translating the original lyrics, the bands started to play rock instrumentals. The lyrics problem was solved.

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