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The Phantoms - I`ll Go Crazy

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The Phantoms - I'll Go Crazy
1. I'll Go Crazy
2. Tormented
3. Brand New Cadillac
4. Hang On Sloopy
5. Questions
6. International Language
7. Let Them Talk
8. Jack The Ripper
9. Little Miss Love
10. I Dream Of You
11. Little Ways
12. Cool Girl
13. Someday I'm Somebody
14. A Well Respected Man
15. The Idiot
16. It's A Lie
17. She Belongs To Me
18. Roadrunner
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Jack the Ripper was the title of the very first record from Eindhoven.s Phantoms, and you could hear it frequently on Radio Veronica. Band members were lead guitarist Ad v.d. Ven; bass player Wally Soute, founder of the Phantoms Ronald v.d.Horst (guitar), drummer Fred Grundlach and Marty van Rooy (voc). The band achieved national fame with I'll Go Crazy, which got to number 11 on the hit parade, followed by Tormented, which only got to 25. They even managed to release a true LP that, like the singles, appeared on Omega Records. The Phantoms were regularly seen on TV (Tienerama) and even performed in Belgium for the program Tienerklanken.

Text: Trans-World '60s Punk
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