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Bakfark Balint Lute Trio - Music In Renaissance Transylvania

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Bakfark Balint Lute Trio - Music In Renaissance Transylvania (1981)
1. Story of the Valiant Voivode Janos Hunyadi
2. Rectius vives - Vitam que faciunt
3. Transylvanian History
4. Song upon the Morals of Wicked Women
5. Chorea Polonica (Bathori Dance)
6. Quando nascesti Amor?
7. Two Transylvanian Dances
8. Mating Song
9. Il ciel che rado virtu tanta mostra
10. Upon the Death of His Highness the Late Istvan Bocskai
11. Csak bubanat
12. Regi szerelmem nagy tuze
13. O, en edes hazam
14. Recercare
15. Laudate Dominum
16. Toccata
17. Io parto o mio fedele
18. Havrai diviso il core
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