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Anthony Bailes & Anne van Royen - Music for Two Lutes

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Anthony Bailes & Anne van Royen - Music for Two Lutes
1. Anonymus: La Rossignol
2. John Johnson: La vecchia pavin
3. Galliard
4. John Danyel: Fancye
5. Passymeasures Galliard
6. John Johnson: Flat Pavin
7. Galliard
8. Anonymus: De la trumba
9. William Lawes: Alman
10. Corante I
11. Corante II
12. Denis Gaultier: Narcisse
13. Vieux Gaultier: Canaries
14. Denis Gaultier: Sarabande
15. Adam Falkenhagen: Duetto I
16. Duetto II
17. Duetto III
18. Joachim Bernhard Hagen: Duetto I
19. Duetto II
20. Duetto III
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