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Denis Vaughan - Bach After Midnight (clavichord)

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Denis Vaughan - Bach After Midnight (clavichord)
1. J.S. Bach - Musette in D, Menuet in a, Aria in d, Menuet in G, Menuet in c, Marcia in D
2. J.S. Bach - Choral in a, Menuet in G/g
3. C.P.E. Bach - Andante e (Sonata no. 1), Cantabile b (Sonata No. 3)
4. J.S. Bach - Preludes in C (WTC I, BWV 846), f (WTC II, BWV 881), A-flat (WTC I, BWV 862)
5. J.S. Bach - Preludes in E (WTC I, BWV 854), b-flat (WTC I, BWV 867), F (WTC I, BWV 856)
6. J.S. Bach - Preludes in F-sharp (WTC I, BWV 858), a (WTC II, BWV 889), e-flat (WTC I, BWV 853)
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