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Judy Loman - Harp Showpieces

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Judy Loman - Harp Showpieces
1. Rhapsodie, by Marcel Grandjany
2. La Source, by Alphone Hasselmans
3. Sonata No.2, Allegro, by John Parry
4. Sonata No.2, Siciliana
5. Sonata No.2, Allegro assai
6. Images, Les Anesses grises sur la route d'El Azib by Marcel Tournier
7. Images, Danseuse a la fontaine d'ain-Draham
8. Images, Sore de fete a Sedjenane
9. Danse des Lutins, by Henriette Renie
10. Sonata, Allegro, by Sophia Corri Dussek
11. Sonata, Andantino
12. Sonata, Rondo-Allegro
13. Scintillation, by Carlos Salzedo
14. Introduction, Candenza and Rondo, by Elias Parish Alvars
15. Classical Suite, I Prelude, by Lynn Palmer
16. Classical Suite, IV Courante
17. Classical Suite, III Sarabande
18. Classical Suite, VII Gigue
19. The Minstrel's Adieu to his Native Land, by John Thomas
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