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Alan Stivell - Telenn Geltiek (Harpe Celtiqu

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Alan Stivell - Telenn Geltiek (Harpe Celtiqu
1. Airde Cuan
2. The Wearin' o' The Green
3. The Derry Air
4. Eamonn An Cnuic
5. Ye Banks An' Braes O'Bonnie D
6. Bonnie Banks O'Loch Lomond
7. Areir Is Me Go Huagneach ? (P
8. ?)
9. A Bhirlinn Bharrach (O barque
10. Plijadur Ha Displijador
11. Gwerz Maro Pontkalleg (Brazaz
12. Tir-Nan-Og
13. Ne Reubairean
14. Kloareg Tremelo
15. Una Bhan (Ouna la blanche)
16. Kouskit Buan Ma Bihan
17. Mona
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